Anonymous asked: What kind of books do you read? :)

Uhh…. Well, stories of great adventures are pretty neat.

Wish i hadnt finished all of my books already. Stuff gets boring when you read them again every month.

Oh! That reminds me. If youre planning on giving me a present on my birthday, it shouldn’t be anything too big. I wouldnt want to leave it behind when i start traveling!

Anonymous asked: Do you you go to school?

Nope. Havent for about 6 years.

Anonymous asked: Do you like to sing any songs?

Of course! I havent really had any inspiration to write any new songs for a while, but singing is nice. Especially when you’re doing tasks you want to get done quickly, haha.

I GUESS i understand unu Well regardless, I’m sure you’ll have a pleasant b-day~

…Thanks. I hope so too.

pennydreadfuljournal replied to your post: “Its a perfect idea. GET SLIZZARD ON YO B-DAY. YOUR MOM WONT EVEN KNOW YOURE GONE”:
Its not if you have the right drink :( Do you like milk? We can get you an awesome milk-based drink uvu

I just… dont feel like it, okay. I hate that stuff and i never want to drink it. Its nice that you do but i dont want it. Do you understand?

Anonymous asked: Shhh dude you're gonna get so many cupcakes

Heck yes.

Calm down ladies, theres enough once-ler for everyone. Just dont turn my into a penny or a bird or else you two wont get discounts on my thneeds.

pennydreadfuljournal asked: Its a perfect idea. GET SLIZZARD ON YO B-DAY. YOUR MOM WONT EVEN KNOW YOURE GONE

Even if you manage to hide it from my mom I cant really escape the watching eye of my aunt. Besides, thats stuff is probably really gross.

theodore-wiggins asked: Can I "go drinking" too??? D:

You can have apple juice, yes.

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