washing-machine-team said: Happy birthday <3

Its a bit late now, but thank you anyway.

belgianjournalists said: well, either you start being positive and think "tall children exist too!!" or you turn to that one axe that I'm sure you're keeping somewhere in the house /winkwonk (actually don't do that I didn't mean to say such a terrible thing)(JUST BE A PROUD AND OPTIMISTIC BEANPOLE, BUY THOSE CHEAP TICKETS AND HOPE FOR THE BEST)

Haha, ill try to remember that.

belgianjournalists said: it's both a blessing and a curse. I mean you can at least get away with buying child/youth tickets for events and amusement parks and local traffic, right? right. viva la cheap way of life.

If i wasnt so tall, maybe.

belgianjournalists said: happy birthday u big nerd (it's a synonym for cutie patootie)

I wouldve thought people would finally stop calling me cute now that im 18. Is this the curse i must carry for the rest of my life.

Also, im not a nerd. Just so you know.

minipocalypse said: "Well, I mean… I got a car, if your mom's cool with me taking you somewhere for your birthday." She shrugged.

Im probably not allowed to do that, but thank you anyway

minipocalypse said: "Really? Huh. Don't you want to do something big and fun?"

Nah, im fine, really. My moms really busy with preparing for vacations and stuff and i really dont want to bother her.

minipocalypse said: "That's awesome!"

I guess? Most years are pretty uneventful.

theodore-wiggins said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BP!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEST BRO! I still have the scarf you made me for my birthday all that time ago! It's still the best >:Y

I know im the best, haha.
Thanks ted. I dont think i wouldve stayed as optimistic as i am without you.

minipocalypse said: She smiled. "Are you having a good birthday?"

Yeah, its been pretty great, actually!

minipocalypse said: "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Once-ler, happy birthday to you!" Mini sang.

..Thanks. Thats very kind of you.

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